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Salary mapping
How do I choose to handle a job that is female-dominated even if it is not this year?
Active measures
Analysis | How do I use filters?
Automated analysis (Alpha)
How do I remove the job "Anställningar att koppla"?
Steps of the Equal pay audit
Prepare - start a new equal pay audit
Organize - Group
Organize - Work valuation
Analyze - Equal works
How is the Salary Dispersion calculated?
Analyze - Comperative works
Report Tab
Analyze - What is a tag and how do you use it in your analysis?
Analyze - Import work history
I want to take a compilation report from the Equal pay, how do I do it?
Analysis | What do the different tags mean?
Work | How do I create / edit a work?
How do I change the name of a equal pay audit?
Equal pay audit settings
Settings | Hide works in analysis
Employment | How do I remove an employment from the Equal pay?
Employment | How do I move employees between different works?
Equal pay audit report
How do I create a list of which non-female-dominated work need to be analyzed?
Factor plan | Standard, 4 factors
Factor plan | Standard, 7 factors
Factor plan | Standard, 10 factors
Factor plan | How is the weight calculated per factor?
Factor plan | Job evaluation in Sysarb
Key figures, salary ratio | If the value for Salary% (K / M) is within one percent from one hundred. Does the wage difference then need to be analyzed?
Should hourly employees be included in the salary file?
Why do some employees need to be connected manually?
What is meant by equal and comperative job?
Why do I not see all female-dominated works in the tab "Analysis, Comperative works"
Work valuation - What is it?
What is an equal pay audit?
Which factor plan should we use?
How do I import individual employees for a equal pay audit?
Benchmark data
Adjusted pay gap
Pay Philosophy