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Written by Tobias Danielsson
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In this guide, we compile which reports you can extract and export from the system. You can use the reports as appendices to the equal pay audit report or as support for further work from outside or after the completed equal pay audit process.

In the equal pay audit, the last tab "Report", you will find the reports you can export from the system. By clicking on the icons to the right of the report, you download the document to your computer.

If there is data in the reports that you do not want included, you need to delete it in the excel/word document, it is not possible to opt out in the system.

We have divided the reports into different areas, see description below.

Export from analyze


This excel report contains key figures, key figures filtered data, salary data and a compilation of the analyzes from the equal pay audit. The analysis is from both equal and comperative analysis. The key figures in the report are shown from two angles, one for all employment and the other based on filtered employment. By filtered works, we mean based on the settings of selection for analysis that you can put in the system.

The Excel report contains several tabs and works well as an appendix to your equal pay audit report.

Compilation - Employees

In this report, you get tags and comments that are set at the individual level in the analysis in the system. This report is included with tags, comments but also salary adjustments.

The report will be published in excel format.

Analyze equal work

Select in the list of works which work or works the report is to be based on. You can choose all the work, or some individual work to be highlighted.

You will then be able to choose which information and diagrams the report should contain. You make your choices based on analysis as well as work. The report comes as a word file.

Choose the type of chart you want for export.

Analyze comperative work

Select in the list of works which female or dominated works the report should be based on. Select all works in the list or something or some specific. You must clearly mark the analyzes in an comperative analysis in order for them to be available in the list of works to export.

You will then be able to choose which information and diagrams the report should contain. You make your choices based on analysis comperative work. The report comes as a word file.


In this excel report, you get a summary of the measures that have emerged during the salary survey. The compilation includes both the work to be investigated, but also a specific list of the individuals to be investigated further.

Export report

Final report template

Sysarb has prepared a template for the equal pay audit report. If you follow this guide, you will receive the mandatory parts that a final equal pay audit report should contain. The report is clearly marked with the parts that should be edited and adapted to your organization, and the parts you can use directly if desired. This is not a mandatory report to use, but is available if desired or needed.

The report is exported in word format.

Executive summary report

Sysarb's summary report is a report that extracts the most important data from your equal pay audit according to our assessment. It is a ready-made report that cannot be customized. The report is ready to be generated and given to the board or other relevant individuals. It contains key figures from the work you have done in your audit.

The report is exported in PDF format.

Export from organize

Work valuation & valuation results

This report is an excerpt from the equal pay audit regarding the work valuation. You get a summary of how your work is valued and how these works are in relation to each other. The report is exported in excel format.

Factor plan

Extract the factor plan used in the salary survey as an appendix, an external file. This comes out in a designed word file.

Equal pay audit works

In this report, you find out which positions are included in which work. This is a good report if you want to get an overview per work, both in terms of grouping and statistical codes as examples. The report is exported in excel.

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