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Analyze - Import work history
Analyze - Import work history

Analyze equal work, analyze comparative works, tags

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Here we demonstrate how you, as an administrator, can retrieve analysis and tags from previous equal pay audits.

In the analysis of the equal pay audits, you can find a clock icon (history icon) in the top right corner of both the equal work analysis and the comparative works analysis.

This icon is only displayed if there is previous history for that particular work.

Click on the icon to bring up a list of previous analyses that have been conducted. The list will differ depending on whether you are in the equal works analysis or the comparative works analysis.

If you wish to use any of these previous analyses in the equal pay audit, click on "Import".

Equal work

Displays analysis at the individual and group level where it has been previously documented.

Comparative work

Displays analysis on female-dominated work and comparative works that have had previous analysis.

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