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Automated analysis (Alpha)
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Currently the model is analyzing the salary structure on salary, gender, age and employment time of the employees.

The model can be activated by following this steps.

  1. Go to your dashboard in your Equal Pay Audit.

2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose settings.

3. In the settings, select Automated analysis (ALPHA).

4. Automated analysis is enabled, and you can choose additional settings for the automated analysis.

The selection model used to analyze groups of equal work was created in conjunction with pay equity experts, with the goal to emulate the selection process used by our pay equity expert. The model selection is based on the employee salary, age, employment time and gender, with additional variables to be added in the future.

The selection process is designed to secure compliance with Swedish regulations and therefore the number of selected employees will be dependent on the gender wage difference for that group. The largest number of employees is the number of men or women in the group, whichever there is fewest of. If the acceptable wage gap has been changed by the user in the system, the selection model is going to select employees until the gender wage gap has reached the user specified levels.

The selection process is built upon certain expectations, one being that an employee with increased age and employment time is going to be more experienced than recently employed employees. For this reason, the system is going to select employees if they are new hires with wages beyond the wage of more senior employees. The reverse is also true, that is, senior employees with lower wages than new hires is going to be selected.

The selection process is gender dependent, this is because of the goal of explaining the gender wage difference in the group. For this reason, the model is going to be primed to find women with unexpectedly low wages in groups where women earn less than men.

An employee can also be selected if the employees wage is far outside the rest of the group. Then the specific salary is treated as an outlier and brought to the user’s attention.

The model is currently being developed to provide deeper insights with regards to salary structures.

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