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Analysis | How do I use filters?
Analysis | How do I use filters?

Analysis, Filters

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In this guide, you can read about how you can use the different filters that the system has to offer in the analysis view for equal and Comperative work.

What can filters be used for?

The different filters in the analysis can be used if, for example, you want to analyze within a certain range, e.g. salary, age, period of employment.

If you want to exclude employees in the analysis that stands out you can use several of the filters. In this way, it is easier to get a picture of the salary picture excluded from those that stand out for already obvious reasons.

You will find the filter tab by clicking on the blue icon on the right side of the analyze column.

Illuminate filter

You can choose to "highlight", ie illuminate a filter by pressing the lamp symbol in a filter.



You will then see the filters that are highlighted in the analysis (See image below)

Here is an explanation of each filter.

Salary |

Filter between the minimum wage and the maximum wage that should be visible in the analysis.

Age |

Filter between the youngest age and the oldest age to be seen in the analysis.

Company tenure |

Filter between the minimum employment period and the longest employment period.

Job tenure (position) |

Filter by employment period in the current position.

Organisation node |

Filter between the different organisational nodes in the work.

Position |

Filter between the different positions in the work.

Statistical code |

Filter between the different statistical codes in the work.

Form of employment |

Filter by type of employment.

Ethnicity |

If added to the system. Filter by Ethnicity

Contract |

If added to the system. Filter between your agreements.

Salary date |

Filter by salary year.

Individual tags |

Filter between the different tags that you have used to individually analyze employees in the analysis.


At the bottom of the filter tab, there is a box where you can enter a comment on the work you are working on. These comments are for internal use only and will not be visible in the analysis or final report.

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