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Prepare - start a new equal pay audit
Prepare - start a new equal pay audit
Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

As an administrator, you can now start a new equal pay audit in Sysarb.

(Do you want to load a new salary file for the new audit?

Follow this guide:

Before you start a new equal pay audit, we recommend that you review active employment in the base register. It is the current positions that then accompany the import of employment to your new equal pay audit. When loading the salary file, you can choose to disable all non-payroll jobs to obtain a cleaned??

Start new salary survey:

  • Click "New audit".


  • Select your new equal pay audit name and then click "Create equal pay audit"

Go to the "Prepare" tab

  • Select the organizational level from which you want to import employment.

  • Under the heading "Create work", you choose how your employment should be grouped.

  • Under the heading "work valuation" you can choose whether you want to start from a job evaluation from a previous equal pay audit or from a new work valuation that you created in the system.

  • If you want to keep your factor plan from previous years, you don't have to make a choice here. To import a new factor plan or create a new factor, click each heading. This can also be corrected in the equal pay audit when it is started.

  • Once you have made your selections, click "Import" to start the equal pay audit.

Click here to read more about working in the "Organize - group" tab


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