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Equal pay audit settings

Equal pay, settings

Written by Tobias Danielsson
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By clicking the arrow next to the name of the Equal pay audit, you will find a list of different choices you can make.

Here you can view your settings for Equal pay audit, copy a Equal pay audit or delete a Equal pay audit.

Under "Settings" you can make different choices for your Equal pay.


At the first tab, overview, you can see and change when Equal pay audit was performed and the namn of the equal pay audit.

Salary settings

Average salary / median salary

Enter here which method you want as a calculation basis in Equal pay audit.

10e 90e / 20e 80e

Set up how you want to calculate the percentiles in the Equal pay audit.

Salary/ Salary incl. supplement

Enter here whether you want the total salary to include the salary extensions or not.

Analyze based on Compa ratio

If you want to look at the Compa ratio in your salary analyses by default, this choice should be activated.

Filters for work

Hide people

Here you can set up to hide jobs that contain a specific amount of employees. Groups that consist of fewer than the selected number of employees will be hidden in the analysis of Equal and Comperative Jobs.

Hide pay gap

If you want to hide the pay gap below a certain percentage, you can set it here. Groups that have a lower pay gap than the selected percentage will be hidden in the Equal and Comperative Jobs analysis. The gender pay gap between men and women within the group is counted. The pay gap on Equal job is counted between female-dominated jobs and non-female-dominated jobs.

Hide single gendered groups

Groups consisting of only men or women only will be hidden in the analysis of Equal job.


If you have administrators who should only have access to part of the organization's Equal pay audit, you set that role under Users. Here you can then make the selection for which administrators should have access to this particular Equal pay audit.

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