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Factor plan | Standard, 7 factors
Factor plan | Standard, 7 factors

Factor plan, Work evaluation, 7 factors

Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

In this guide, we describe our standard factor plan with 7 factors. Will this factor plan suit your organization or do you need to check out our other factor plans? Find out more in the text below;

What characterizes the Factor Plan with 7 factors?

This factor plan is primarily developed for customers in the private sector, provided that these customers do not have any form of third party liability as the factor responsibility for people is missing in this factor plan.

This factor plan has combined the factors theoretical basic education and experience as well as mental and physical conditions. Education and experience are referred to in this factor as the degree of difficulty in the work and this particular merger is particularly suitable for organizations where education and experience are often seen as comperative (relatively common in trade, for example).

Which organizations fit this factor plan?

The merging of mental and physical conditions is referred to here as working conditions, which is suitable for those organizations where physical working conditions would otherwise be valued relatively low for all work.

Advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of this factor plan is that it is still relatively easy to obtain a clear nuance between different works as the number of areas that are valued is still relatively many. In addition, having slightly fewer factors to evaluate in comparison with Sysarb's factor plan is usually appreciated precisely on the basis that the work evaluation work will hopefully go somewhat faster as a result.

The disadvantage may in some cases be that it may feel difficult to evaluate the factors factored together. Can it be said, for example, that a job with a requirement for a bachelor's degree but without experience can be valued in the same way as a job where there are no educational requirements, but requirements for long experience? What really weighs the most with you?

How is the weight per factor calculated?

Click here to learn about how the weighting of each factor is done.


Below you can download our standard factor plan for 7 factors. Please note that these files are our standards, ie if you have made specific adjustments regarding the factors of the factor plan or levels in your own system, these will not be included in the export. To get your own factor plan, you need to go via your system, via your login.

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