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Factor plan | Standard, 10 factors
Factor plan | Standard, 10 factors
Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

In this guide, we describe our standard factor plan with 10 factors. Will this factor plan suit your organization or do you need to check out our other factor plans? Find out more in the text below;

What characterizes the Factor Plan with 10 factors?

This factor plan is often defined as Sysarb's standard factor plan. The areas that must be valued according to law are knowledge and skills, responsibilities and working conditions. Areas that in this factor plan have been broken down into 10 factors, which facilitates the nuance of the work evaluation between the various jobs that are found within the organization.

Which organizations fit this factor plan?

This factor plan can be used by all customers, but is particularly suitable for customers where parts of the employees have a third party responsibility (referred to as responsibility for people). If you as a customer still want to start from this factor plan, but do not have any third party responsibility, it is excellent to remove that factor.

Adjustments to the factor plan can always be made. Something that is very important, however, is that the editing is still perceived as gender neutral. Should a municipality, for example, choose to remove the factor of responsibility for people, several classically female-dominated professions will lose points.

It is also possible to adjust the weighting between the different factors to make a more local adaptation of the factor plan.

Advantages and disadvantages?

The clearest advantage of using the more comprehensive factor plan is that no area is "forgotten" in the valuation work. This also means that you do not have to get caught up in thinking like “Yes .. We have requirements for this education for this role, but also very high demands on experience for this role. Can they get the same level in this factor then? ”.

The disadvantage of this factor plan is that for smaller organizations it can be perceived as too extensive and that it takes time to get into the thinking about each factor.

How is the weight per factor calculated?

Click here to learn about how the weighting of each factor is done.


Below you can download our standard factor plan for 10 factors. Please note that these files are our standards, ie if you have made specific adjustments regarding the factors of the factor plan or levels in your own system, these will not be included in the export. To get your own factor plan, you need to go via your system, via your login.

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