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Written by Tobias Danielsson
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This tab handles all your employment.

Move hires in the Organize tab:

How does the view generally work? - Features and symbols

You can switch between the list for Employments to group and All employments. Regardless of the view, you have access to filtering and grouping functions. You will find them at the top of the view, but note that they may look slightly different for the two views, including which jobs are filterable.

Move positions under the "Organize" tab - Group:

Start by making sure you have the list of Employments to group visible. That list of positions is the one that needs to be grouped into groups of similar work.

In the field at the top left, you can choose between Employments to group or All employments in the salary mapping.

Select the position(s) you want to move to a new job. You select by clicking on the "checkmark" to the left of the position's name.

After selecting one or more positions, a view on the right called Group employments will appear.

If the field on the right side of the screen isn't visible, click on the blue arrow to the right in your view.

Choose a job by either clicking on Suggestions, selecting an existing job under the heading All works or creating a new job under the heading New.

Approve the grouping by clicking "Move employees" and then "Yes."

When you have selected a job in the list view on the right, a box with additional select more matching employments will appear. If you only want to move the position you have selected, choose Move.

If you want to move the positions that match the selected positions' statistical code and position, choose Add matching employments to selection instead.


If you have duplicates in the salary file, they will appear under All employments. You can then access them by clicking on Duplicates in the row with different filters.

A list of existing duplicates will then appear.

Select the job(s) that you want to move to a new work.

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