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Work | How do I create / edit a work?
Work | How do I create / edit a work?
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In this guide, we show you how to edit or delete an existing work and how to create a new work.

Go to the tab Organize - group in the equal pay audit.

Click on the blue arrow on the right side of the page to open the tab.

Click on "All works" in the menu on the right and all available works will then appear in a list.

Edit work

Click on the icon next to the work name to edit name / description / work number.

Now you can edit the selected work.

Delete work

To delete the work, click on the small trash can at the bottom right of the work box.

Create A new work

Select new by clicking the tab in the menu at the top right.

Enter the name and work number for the new work and click the blue Create button.

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