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Equal pay audit report

Read about what a equal pay audit report should contain

Written by Tobias Danielsson
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When you have gone through the different steps of the equal pay audit and completed the analysis, it is time to summarize your work in a report format. Below is a description of what we believe should be included in such a equal pay audit report.


A short description of what a equal pay audit is and what the purpose of it is, as well as your specific equal pay audit and how you worked with it.

Wage mapping according to the Discrimination Act

Briefly describe what the law says about equal pay audit.

Work process and methodology

Describe how the work went. Have you enlisted the help of a consultant or worked yourself? Who has been responsible for the work? Describe the equal pay audit steps briefly, i.e. group division, work valuation and analysis.


How has the equal pay audit worked together?

IT support

Briefly describe that you worked in Sysarb and briefly about the methodology in the system

Job valuation

Describe how the work valuation took place and how the factor plan was designed (factors and weighting).

Analysis, equal job

Present some key figures - preferably those from the equal pay audit overview. Briefly describe what you have identified in this analysis. Do you see any trends? What have you often referred to in the analysis?

Analysis, Comperative works

Describe the title and what has been analyzed here. Feel free to highlight key figures such as how many female-dominated works there are in the organization and how many of these have been the subject of analysis (i.e. how many female-dominated works are included in the list of the same). Also describe under this heading any trends / tendencies and what you often referred to in the analysis.

Action plan

Describe what you have identified that you need to work with. First with regard to the wage survey in general and then under the headings Equal job and Comperative works


Attachments are usually produced on request, but can also be attached directly. We then recommend that you use the system's summary report as a basis and place the selected sheets as separate appendices. You decide which columns in each appendix are used.

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