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Analyze - What is a tag and how do you use it in your analysis?
Analyze - What is a tag and how do you use it in your analysis?

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Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

The following tags are now available to you in your analysis work. Tags can be used for both a specific group and individual employees.

The purpose of the tags is that you should be able to quickly explain the salary situation / salary difference, but they should not be used instead of analysis.

If a tag is to be added for a specific employee, click on the current employee in the plotter diagram and then select the relevant tag for the individual in the menu that appears on the right in the image.

In the analysis of Comperative jobs, the tags can be used as support in quickly getting an idea of ​​what the wage situation for the non-female-dominated jobs depends on. In the example below, we see that the salary situation for Business Analyst is explained by employees with higher responsibility and for the work Controller is referred to an alternative labor market.

In this part of the analysis, the same non-female-dominated job often appears several times in the work. You then have the opportunity to use the same tags and analyzes of the non-female-dominated works. In the example below, we have clicked on the non-female-dominated work Controller and are then asked if we want to use the same tag as we previously stated in the comparison with Business Analyst.

How are the tags presented in the final product?

If you choose to use tags, these will be presented in the appendices which can then be exported from the system.

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