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Job valuation, salary survey

Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

Forget printed factor plans and valuation boxes that need updating. Now you have the opportunity to have the factor plan on the right side at the same time as you valuate work and those valuation boxes, they are updated immediately!

How does it work?

The process for job evaluation itself is still very similar. You hold the mouse pointer over the value you consider relevant to the work and click with the mouse. It will be saved immediately. Filters for work and factors are now found at the top instead of on the left in the picture. The headings are clickable and adjust how the values below are sorted.

How do I value work?

Filtering and grouping

Use the grouping and filtering to customize the view to suit you best. Maybe you only want to start from one factor and some work to get a good start to start from.

Factor plan / Help text

In order to evaluate your work, you usually start from a factor plan with a number of factor plans. At Sysarb, we have three standard factor plans of 4, 7 or 10 factors, but of course you can also use valuation from previous work, other systems or suppliers.

Click on Valuation Help to get a list on the right where you always have access to the factors, its description and the assessment levels of the different levels.

Evaluate / Comment

Mark directly in the view for which level of neither factor you want to weight that particular work. The system is updated directly and calculates which valuation box the work is weighted in and which work it may be compared with in an comperative analysis.

Feel free to use the note field to note any uncertainties in the valuation. Maybe you stand and weigh between level 3 and 4? Then enter, for example, level three and write in the note field "Possibly raise to level 4".

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