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Organization tree, how does it works?
Organization tree, how does it works?
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โ€‹In this guide, we have gathered guides that pertain to the organizational tree in the system. The organizational tree is accessible to administrators in the system. There, we ensure, among other things, that managers have access to their employees and ensure that we have an organizational structure that works for discussions, performance evaluations, and salary determination.

Click on the "buttons" to proceed to guides that describe different steps regarding the organizational tree.

Import - Organizational structure

Salary file

The organizational structure is set up based on the salary file. When importing a new salary file, the structure in the file regarding the organizational levels should match the previous file. Otherwise, the system may create multiple organizational trees, duplicates, or incorrect nodes.

*Nodes = A part of the organizational tree, can be an object, a department, the final level, or the first. See the image below, all arrows point to a node.

If a new department has been added to the organization or if there have been any changes, you can also update the system with the new structure using a new salary file.

Add/modify nodes

During an ongoing process or before/after importing a salary file, it may be necessary to add or modify the organizational structure. It is perfectly fine to make adjustments to the organizational tree. Remember that it should closely align with your salary system! Additionally, you will need to assign a manager and move employees to the new node.

Link/connect manager

Manually linking managers

For small and medium-sized organizations, we suggest manually linking the managers. This way, you can also have a natural review of the structure to ensure everything is accurate before implementation.

Deputy manager

Certainly, we can include deputy managers in the organizational tree. They have access to the same resources as a regular manager.

Linking managers using file import

For larger organizations or organizations implementing the system for the first time, this approach can work well. Of course, you can manually link the managers, but be prepared that it may take some time, especially during the initial setup.

Managers we do NOT link in the organizational tree

In the system, we have the ability to have roles such as section managers. We do not link this type of role through the organizational tree but rather directly to the person's user account.


Each employment is linked to a node, a part of the organizational tree. If an employment needs to be moved, it can be done directly in the organizational tree or directly on the employment itself (under employments, using the icons on the left). Employments can be easily moved between nodes, automatically changing the manager responsible for discussions and salary determination.

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