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Create extended roles

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In the system, there are several different extended roles that your users can have. If you want to read about the different extended roles that exist and what they can do, click on the button below.

To create these different extended roles, you proceed in slightly different ways depending on which extended role they should have.

First and foremost, there must be users to assign these extended roles to. If you have not created users, you can read how to do it by clicking on the button below.



To create a manager, first click on the employee management.

When you have done that, click on "organization". Now you can add a manager by clicking on the icon with a pen and paper next to the name of the organizational node that the user should be the manager of.

To choose which user you want to add as a manager, you must search for it in the box that appears.

Remaining extended roles

Are you going to add any of the extended roles below?

  • Administrator

  • Operational Administrator

  • Section Manager

  • Union

  • HR Business Partner

  • Read Only

Go to employee management so that you can choose which user you want to give an extended role to.

If you are giving extended roles to external users, don't forget to switch from employee to users without employee in the filter.

After you have chosen which user and clicked on that user, go to the "extended roles" tab. When you have found it, click on "New role" to add a new extended role.

Now you can choose which role your user should have and to which part of the organization the role should apply.

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