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Are you going to do a performance assessment?
Are you going to do a performance assessment?

Performance assessment, salary review

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A performance assessment consists of two parts. One part is the result interval, and the other part is the salary criteria.

To create a performance assessment, you log into the system and select the active salary review.

Go to the tab Salary criteria.

Result intervals

To set a result range, click the "New Result Range" button. Each time you click "new result range," you will get a new row. There you can choose a name and the range on each level.

When you update the "start %," the "End %" on the row above is also updated. You can also change the name of the row, so if you want to set a different name for the row, do it after you have updated the "start %."

Salary criteria

After you have created your result ranges, it is time to create your salary criteria. There you can choose between creating new ones or importing from a template.

To import a template, click the "import" button.

If you have questions about salary criteria templates, you can read about them down below.

To create a salary criteria, click "new salary criteria." Then you have three steps to complete.

Here you fill in the name and description of the salary criterion.

Here you choose whether the salary criteria applies to all or only specific units and works.

Assessment levels
Here you choose how many levels the salary criteria should have and what points each level has.

To create a new level, click the "new assessment level" button. You will then get a row where you can fill in the name, points, and description of the level.

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