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Create Salary criteria template
Create Salary criteria template

This guide show you how you can create this template.

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To get to the salary criteria templates, go to your initials at the bottoms left corner page and click on settings.

Then click in on "Salary criteria" under Templates.

Here you get to an overview where you can see all your salary criteria templates.

To create a new templates click on the blue button "create".

Choose a name for your template

Open your recently created salary criteria template from the list and create your first criteria, you will enter the name on your first criteria and you can choose to create "Sysarbs standard levels":

These are this four assessment levels:

You can also create your own criterias, for example specific criteria that only apply to different parts of the organization or to specifics works.

You can in add description of the salary criterion and have "help text":

When you have entered you criteria, you are done and your template has been saved in the system!

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