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Description of the software
Description of the software
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Pay Analysis and Analyzer

  • The software is a SaaS service where all information is stored within the EU.

  • The software has a unique database for each customer.

  • The software offers personalized support via chat (integrated into the software), email, and phone between 9 AM - 5 PM on weekdays.

  • The software supports login with BankID.

  • The software supports login with two-factor authentication.

  • The software supports integrations with certain payroll systems.

  • The software has a comprehensive permission tree where different users have different rights to different functions and information at different organizational levels.

  • The software saves historical data (results, analyses at individual and group levels that can be reused/imported).

  • Users can group positions in the software and move positions between jobs without entering new raw material.

  • The software has a fully adjustable factor plan. Questions can be added, removed, and weighted.

  • Users can control the interval for grouping equivalent work themselves.

  • The software has predefined selections for analyses that meet the requirements of anti-discrimination laws for employers in wage surveys.

  • The software has a model that analyzes equal groups through artificial intelligence (AI).

  • The software can create customized analyses for the entire organization, departments, units, or work groups. The data can then be grouped by various factors such as manager, position, age, performance, and more.

  • Upgrade to: ANALYSER that provide market salary data for better salary comparisons against the country and region.

  • To access market salary data, it automatically requires sharing one's own data as well. Positions with fewer than 10 employees are not shared.

  • The software has a complete documentation engine. Users can retrieve documentation for their entire wage survey but also create customized reports exported to Excel, PDF, and Word.

  • The software supports different roles with different rights, such as HRBP, Union Representative, Department Manager, or Read-only.

  • There is a website with guides that take you through all the processes in the system.

Pay Management – Salary Review process

  • The software manages the salary review process. HR (Admin-superuser in the system) works on structure, setup, and preparation. Managers conduct and document reviews. Employees participate, provide information, and access information.

  • The software has comprehensive documentation support for employee discussions, check-ins, and salary discussions for all functions in the organization (HR, managers, department heads, employees, and union representatives).

  • The software supports different roles such as the "Union Representative" role if they are to be involved in the salary review process, write comments, etc.

  • All information is stored at the employee level.

  • The software supports the organization's discussion templates.

  • The software supports the organization's salary criteria.

  • The software supports performance assessment & self-assessment.

  • The software supports Single-sign-on (SSO).

  • There is a website with guides that take you through all the processes in the system.

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