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Salary review - excluded employee
Salary review - excluded employee

What happens and what should I do if I need to exclude employees in salary review.

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When you create a salary review, you probably do it based on the organization to include all employees. If you have already loaded the correct salary year in the base register, you can, when creating a selection, apply a filter that excludes those who should not be included, such as those who have already received this year's salary. However, if you need to include them in performance reviews, they should still be included when you create the initial setup; you exclude them later.

When you've created a salary review, you might see additional employees who shouldn't be included. In that case, you go to the specific employee and choose to exclude them from salary review or performance review, or both.

If both checkboxes are ticked, the employee will not receive an invitation to a conversation or be included in the manager's list for salary reviews, but the employee's salary will be considered in the budget.


When creating a budget, you can use a filter to select only the employees you want to include. For example, if you have the salary year 2023 for all those who should be included and 2024 for those who should not be included, you excluded them with a filter.

If you later want to remove them from the budget, you need to go in and edit the budget.

And in the selection - unlock for editing.

If you need to change salary year for employees, you go into employee management and make the changes for the employee (which will then be updated in the base register).

Then you select those employees in the salary review and synchronize. This updates the information about the employee.


  1. Add a new filter.

  2. Choose from the list 'salary year'.

  3. Enter the salary year that should not be included in the salary review budget.

  4. Click done.

Now, the budget should have decreased.

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