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Data Ownership and Maintenance

As a customer, you own your data in Sysarb, so it's important to keep this in mind.

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Sysarb is a SaaS service that provides your data. In other words, you, as the customer, own your data, and you establish your own routines to maintain and manage it.

How long can you keep your data?

We believe that as a customer, you have the legal right to retain data as part of salary mapping. You may want to compare statistics within your organization over several years. Therefore, we recommend that you keep the information and include it in your own GDPR procedures regarding the register of processing activities.

No data is automatically deleted.

Persons who leave and are not included in the next year's salary file are archived in the system; they are not removed.


It is possible to depersonalize employees who request it or who leave. You, as the customer, need to manually perform this task for each relevant employee. It is also recommended that you include this in your own GDPR procedures.

The information that needs to remain is the date of birth, gender, and salary. You can replace the names with "made-up" names. If you use personal identification numbers (personnummer) and want to replace them with another unique ID number, you must manually enter the gender.

Data import

Since we emphasize that you own your data, we also expect you to import your own data. Hence, the new import function. We charge a fee if you want us to import your data for you.

Once again, Sysarb is a storage location for your data. You are the owner of the data!

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