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How do I deactivate employees?

In this guide we describe how you can deactivate employees.

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Unfortunately, there is no automatic deactivate function in the system. It is the administrator's role to manually deactivate or anonymize employees. This needs to be done individually for each employee. Complete removal is also possible, but we do not recommend it as it will erase the employee's history and the changes made in equal pay audit over time.

When you import a new salary file and there are no longer employees listed in the new file who were previously imported, those employees will be archived and deactivated in the system, but nothing is deleted.

It is important to retain employees in previous equal pay audit so that you can compare with the historical data. However, you can go into a equal pay audit and anonymize the names and personal identification numbers, while ensuring that gender and salary information remain intact.

You can deactivate employees when they leave under the "Employee management" section without affecting previous equal pay audits. If you delete an employee, it will impact conversation history and salary setting.

To inactivate employees go to employee management.

Mark the employee or employees you intend to inactivate, press the three dots to the right and choose inactivate.

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