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How will we be able to get SSO, Single sign-on?
How will we be able to get SSO, Single sign-on?

Login, SSO, Single sign-on

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To be able to log in with SSO you first need to activate it in the system settings.

If you activate it you can only log in using SSO and no longer in any other way.

SSO is only available for those that have Impacter (pricing model).

After that, you click on the button in the top right corner to activate SSO and remove the possibility to log in using any other way.

To be able to upload your IdP-metadata you first need to press the button "Edit"

After you have pressed on "Edit" you can now upload your IdP-metadata. You can use an XML file to automatically fill it in or manually fill it in yourself.

When you have uploaded you XML file or filled the fields manually you should now download our XML file, which you do with the button "Download SP metadata" and press "Save". When you have done that you only need to upload it where your IdP is.

After all these steps are done you are ready to use SSO for log ins.

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