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Analyze, Analyzer

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In the analyze tab, you can delve deeper into your salary survey; this is an addition for those who have upgraded their license from "Starter" to "Analyzer."

Start by choosing Analyze in your menu to the left.

Start a new analysis or choose one saved from you list.

To change name on your analysis click on the pen icon. To save press the save ocon to the right.

You have two options for save.

Private, it is only visible to the person who created the analysis.

Organisation, it is visible for all in your organisation that can access analyze.

Choose different segments you want to compare, such as a specific group of finance in this year's salary survey compared to the same group of teachers in last year's survey.

To create new segment press the blue button "New segment".

Experiment with different segments and filters you can choose.

To change name, copy segment or delete segment press the icons next to the specific segment.

If you want to upgrade to the Analyzer package, contact customer success.

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