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Termination of agreement
Termination of agreement

If you wish to terminate your agreement with us, please follow the procedure below.

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Please email your termination notice to: [email protected]

See below for the general terms and conditions according to paragraph 13.

13. Agreement Term and Termination

This agreement and its terms come into effect when the Licensee signs and submits an order or any other type of agreement referencing these general terms and conditions to Sysarb. Unless otherwise agreed, the agreement is valid for a period of 12 months from the first invoicing date. If the agreement is not terminated at least three months prior to the end of the agreement term, it will automatically be extended for another 12 months with a corresponding termination option. If no other terms are agreed upon during the extension of this agreement, Sysarb's current terms and prices will apply. Termination must be in writing and sent to [email protected]. In order to complete the license termination, a joint meeting will be scheduled for the handling of your personal data.

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