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Budget | Multiple pots, salary increase
Budget | Multiple pots, salary increase
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This guide demonstrates how you, as an administrator, can set up two different salary pots that apply to a part or the entire organization. This can be done if, for example, you have a general salary pot that needs to be distributed to everyone, but also want an additional budget that you only want to allocate to specific individuals.

If you have already created a salary review, you can modify this setting by clicking on the three gray dots in the upper right corner within your salary review and selecting "Settings" and then "Budget."

To create double pots in a new review setting, go to the "Budget" tab.


When you choose to create budgets, you select two pots.

When creating budgets, you can now choose whether to create them in Raise 1 or Raise 2.

The manager will then be able to set the salaries of their employees using two different salary raise.

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