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Send welcome email, the filtering function
Send welcome email, the filtering function

User, welcome email

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In this guide, we will show you how, as an administrator, you can send welcome emails to employees.

Go to the employee management in Sysarb.

Send welcome emails

You can choose to send welcome emails to new employees in the system. Through the column "Sent welcome email," you can easily filter out users who have not received the email. Then, you can easily send it to those who are new to the system or have not received the welcome email for other reasons.

Click on the icon to edit columns. Once you have done that, you can either scroll through the list that appears or search for the filter for "Sent welcome email." When you check the box next to "Sent welcome email," you will be able to see that column in your table.

Select the individuals to whom you want to send a welcome email.

Then, click on the three-dot menu and choose "Send welcome email."

You will then receive a confirmation dialog to confirm that you want to send the welcome email. When you click "Send," the email will be sent to your employees.

What is a welcome email?

It is an email sent from the system where we welcome the user to the system and provide a link for logging into the system. The email is a standard template.

Last password change

To check if your employees have logged in or not, you can use the column "Last password change."

If your employees have not logged in, this field will be blank, and in that case, you can send them a new welcome email as a reminder to log in.

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