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Checklist | Start a salary review
Checklist | Start a salary review

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Written by Tobias Danielsson
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Here we summarize some points to follow when starting a salary review. Of course, you can choose which steps you want to include in your documentation, but in this example we prepare for a complete salary review.

1. Employment data

2. Organizational charts and managements rights

3. Enter the salary criteria template

4. Start up the salary review module

5. Enter salary criteria and performance ranges

6. Union belonging

7. Salary priorities

1. Employment data

Before a new salary review, it may be a good idea to update the master data with fresh data. Read in a new salary file and in this way include all new salaries and organizational changes in a single file.

2. Organizational charts and managerial rights

Check your organizational chart and make sure that all the managerial connections still match. If this is the first time your organization is to carry out its salary review in Sysarb, you need to connect all managers to the correct organizational node. See here to see how to proceed.

3. Enter the salary criteria template

Submit or read through your salary criteria template before you start the module. In this way, you save time in the start-up and can take the opportunity to get a reader of the template.

4. Start up the salary setting module

Start a salary review and import the right jobs. Via "Settings" in the system, you decide whether it is the basic salaries or the total salary from which the salary budget is to be calculated. Decide this before importing the jobs.

5. Import Employment Data

Now, you need to import the employments that should be included in the salary review. You can do this by following this guide.

6. Union affiliation

Depending on how you and your organization view union affiliation in connection with the salary increase, you have the opportunity to read the information into the system to be able to make use of information and follow up after the salary review has been completed.

You can choose to load a file (this via the Customer Success Team) or enter the information manually. Upon completion of the salary review, the system can be cleared of union affiliation in order not to save that kind of information.

7. Salary priorities

Salary priorities are prepared as a basis for the managers' salary space. Set up terms and budget for the managers' salary review.

8. Ready!

Use this list to get all the steps in place. Click on to find more of our guides!

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