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Salary priorities | Can you have a preliminary budget?
Salary priorities | Can you have a preliminary budget?

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Written by Tobias Danielsson
Updated over a week ago

As an administrator, you can choose to enter a temporary percentage now and then update the distribution of the budget when the central agreements are ready.

It is recommended that the managers get the "preliminary budget" now and distribute it individually to the employees.

Once the salary budget has been determined in the central agreements, you as an administrator can go in and update the calculation and distribute "final budget" to the managers. It will then affect their budget to distribute, but not the proposals they put on each employee.

If the central agreement allows a lower surcharge than you expected in the preliminary agreement, the system will tell you that you have spent too much. If the central agreement is higher than what you expected, an increased budget will be created and there is a few more money to spend on the managers' employees.

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