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How do I use BankID to log in?
How do I use BankID to log in?

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Only for Swedish personal identification numbers

To log in with BankID, a Swedish personal identification number must be registered for the user. The administrator can do this under "Users" in the "Account" tab.

If you want the option to log in with both a username and personal identification number, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the user profile where the personal identification number should be registered. Select the "Account" tab.

  2. Enter the Swedish personal identification number.

One can also choose to use BankID as the default login, which is a setting administrators can configure under system > settings and security, by selecting "Use BankID as the default login." The personal Swedish identification number is automatically retrieved from the employee card in this case. The user can then only log in using BankID and you need to have Swedish personal identification number.


To log in with BankID:

Go to your Sysarb domain. Click here!

  1. Choose the option "Log in with BankID" by clicking on the box that says "Log in with BankID."

2. Open your mobile bankID, scan the QR code and log in.


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