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Settings in Sysarb
Settings in Sysarb

Describes settings in Sysarb

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To access your general system settings, click on your initials located at the bottom left corner and choose Settings.

Now you will be taken to a menu displaying all the settings you can adjust.


Here you can activate access to our upcoming features. If you choose to activate, you will see all the features we have under development available for testing and choose the ones that you want to try out; the lab functions apply to all your users, and you may encounter bugs, with some features possibly not being released.

System & Security


If this is selected, personal data for all employees will be displayed to union representatives.

Password Complexity

Min Character Length - setting for the minimum length required for a password, the default is set to five characters.

Four settings to determine which characters must be included in a password.

Lowercase letters - uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., @, §, ?, etc.).

Not easy to be guessable - setting that prevents the selection of the most common passwords found on the internet.

Password life span

Password life span (days) - a number indicating how many days a password can be valid, where 0 indicates that the password never needs to be changed.

Disable use of old password - check this box to enable.

Number of old passwords to remember - a number indicating how many passwords the system will remember.


Use BankID as the default login - Here, you can choose to use BankID as the default login, affecting only new accounts that are created.

Copy social security number from employee to user - This action ensures that all active employees' Swedish social security numbers are recorded on the BankID account so that employees can log in through BankID.

Use BankID as the default login (all users) - Activate BankID as the default login for all users.

The Salary Tab


Select which salary components should be included in the total salary.

Salay set

Show only remaining space in the diagram.

International settings

Select the default currency in your domain. The default setting is set to SEK (Swedish Krona).

Customer information

All the information regarding you as a customer and your package in Sysarb.

Single sign-on

SSO is only available and visible for those that have package Impacter.

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