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Password, difficulty and longevity
Password, difficulty and longevity

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To customize the complexity of passwords in the software, follow these steps.

Start by logging in, then click on your initials in the bottom left corner, and then select "Settings."

In the menu under "Settings," you will find a tab called "System & Security." Click on that tab, and it will take you to the password settings.

Password complexity

Minimum number of characters - setting for how long a password must be, with the default set to five characters.

Four settings to determine which characters must be included in a password.

Lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters (such as @, §, ?, etc.).

Not easy to guess - setting that prevents the selection of the most common passwords used on the internet.

Password life span

Password life span (days) - a number indicating how many days a password can be valid, where 0 means the password never needs to be changed.

Disable reuse of old password - check this box to activate.

Number of old passwords to remember - a number indicating how many passwords the system will remember.

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